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Made for any type of business

M-Commerce apps for all industries and company sizes

  • E-Commerce Shops: Clothing, Electronics, Interior and Design
  • Beauty & Health: Nutrition Experts, Hair Salons, Wellness
  • Trade Professionals: Builders, Plumbers, Personal Trainers, Coaching
  • Wholesalers: Fruit, Flowers, Seafood, Building materials
  • Food & Dining: Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Lunch rooms, Coffee shops
  • Brick & Mortar Shops: Boutiques, Bakeries, Flowers
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<p>Sjoerd Keer</p>

House of Green is always looking for an innovative way to bring their product closer to their customers. With this app our customers can easily access their favorite products, add these to a wish list, check the latest arrivals and proceed to check-out directly on their phone. Thanks to JMango360 our store is 24/7 accessible via mobile.

Sjoerd Keer * Founder House of Green  

<p>Isabella Machinè</p>

It was remarkably easy to develop our app which showcases our beautiful jewelry and enables people to buy from their phones.  Our JMango360 App creates an additional sales channel on top of our existing online shop and generated sales from day one. I  highly recommend JMango360 to smaller (online) retailers like ourselves.

Isabella Machinè * Owner, IVY & LIV – Jewelry brand with online webshop

<p>Klas Bäck</p>

Mobile apps build brand, build loyalty, and provide opportunities for additional revenue streams. We’re now enabling all companies to build mobile into their businesses. We see mobile payments as the next frontier, however it has previously been hampered by fragmentation and slow adoption.

Klas Bäck * General Manager International & Payments Strategy, Braintree – Payment Solutions

<p>Ferry Brak</p>

JMango360 gets ‘it. The world is rapidly shifting towards M-Commerce and large companies are already in. The JMango360 platform enables regular retailers and entrepreneurs to also engage M-Commerce at a price and effort they can afford, revolutionizing the way they can interact with their audience and sell product from their Magento store.

Ferry Brak * Sales Manager, Webverzorgers

<p>Frank Rindert</p>

With JMango360 it was remarkably easy, quick and affordable to develop our own app. It enables our customers to purchase our selection of technical installation materials using their phone. I highly recommend JMango360 for everyone who wants to go mobile.


Frank Rindert * Founder Cirvie